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Clear Choice now offers Patch Hole Reinforcement and Strip Reinforcement.

The Patch

This is a small thumb-shaped piece of 2 mil Mylar, that is heat and pressure sealed around the hole area of your job (2 or 3 of the standard holes). The MYLAR PATCH is the strongest of all edge reinforcing materials. The 2-mil plastic reinforcement is 400% stronger than the typical full strip reinforcing process you may be more familiar with. Numerous hole patterns are available. From one to seven standard hole positions. The small thumb-shaped area of reinforcing around each drill hole is used to strengthen the binding edge. This can be used in either a standard three ring binder or whatever custom binder your project requires.

The Strip

The Strip Reinforcement is the industry standard for hole reinforcement. This is a 9/16” wide pressure sensitive transfer tape that is applied to the binding edge of a sheet. This application is used to reinforce the page before drilling. It will give your project a more attractive appearance and a longer lasting durability. The strip will run along from the top of the sheet to the bottom of the sheet. The sheet will then be drilled after the reinforcement strip is applied. It is recommended that the sheet be oversize and cut down after Strip reinforcing is in place to give a clean finished look.

Please check out the image provided on our web site for a better idea of what the Mylar Patch looks like.

You may also want to check out our YouTube channel to see the machine in action.–c

Please contact Ryan Meister at [email protected] if you have any questions concerning Patch reinforcement or any of your Indexing needs.

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