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Add strength and durability to your prints or photographs for trade shows, point of purchase displays and promotional items. Protect printed materials from tearing, smudging, dirt and stains. Strengthen printed materials to be handled repeatedly. Make it spill-proof by encapsulating your materials with laminating.

We are able to laminate any paper size from 2” x 3 1/2” up to 58” wide and any length! Our high speed laminator can run press sheet sizes 8.5” x 11” to 28” x 40”. We offer all types of films and thicknesses. Film finishes can be glossy, matte or satin. Our film is also available as Glueable films or scuff resistant matte film for book covers or presentation folders!

Lamination can be single or double sided, trimmed flush to the paper, or encapsulated with a sealed edge.

In an effort to better serve our customers, we have a complete line of commercial laminating services to offer. Whether you’re looking for complete project assistance or vinyl laminates, Clear Choice Inc. is your one-stop source for commercial laminating.

Display materials, graphic arts projects and consumer packaging are just some of the industries that rely on commercial lamination. By placing a thin layer of laminating film over base materials, you can improve the beauty and increase the longevity of printed documents. We specialize in both hot and cold commercial laminating services, and our team of service specialists can help determine which process will work best for your project needs.

There are many benefits to commercial laminating. In addition to prolonging the life of printed documents, the laminating services provided at Clear Choice, Inc. can preserve form, texture, and hues, meaning your print materials will look new long after they come off the press. By laminating your documents, you’ll be able to reuse them, in turn saving you the cost of repeat printing. By investing in laminating services, you can avoid everyday wear-and-tear damages such as smudging, ripping, bending, and fading.