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Not sure what this is?

When people hear that phrase, they think of smaller sheet sizes. This is true and false.

How is that possible?

Depending on the printer used, it could alter how a print is run through our laminators. Normal roll feed media will have to be ran through our wide format laminator due to the curl of the paper. Clear Choice’s “narrow format” sizes vary from 2” x 3.5” and 28” x 40″. Paper type, paper weight, and the lamination chosen for your print, will determine how we can run your job. Below are the lamination types and finishes we offer. Our laminates come in a three type selection.

  1. The thicknesses of the lamination required.
  2. The base material needed.
  3. The finish you need.

Please contact one of our customer representatives to help you choose the correct lamination for you job.

Thickness types







Types of lamination offered for narrow format

Polyester laminate

OPP laminate

Nylon laminate

Metalized laminate


Types of Finishes offered for the above laminates





Scuff Free

Soft touch

Glue-able and Stamp-able

If there was a certain thickness, laminate, or finish you needed and did not see it listed on our website please contact us and let us know. Clear Choice will do its best to make it available to you.