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It’s no longer enough to provide literature to your clients and prospects that is simply well designed and attractive.  As precious as time is in the day to day operations of a business your literature must be well organized and presented in a fashion that guides the reader from point to point for it to be truly effective. According to recent studies using Index Tabs to organize your information can increase its effectiveness and productivity up to 50%.

Our Custom Indexing Tabs will help you communicate with your clients more efficiently, and more importantly…more effectively.   Organizing your presentations through index tabs will help your company deliver a memorable communication product.

Our dedication to quality, accuracy, and our consistency in hitting your deadlines, make us the leader in creative solutions to your organizational needs.

Clear Choice Inc. offers a clear choice for your index tabbing needs.

  • • We offer highly competitive pricing
  • • Great attention to detail and quality
  • • 18 different Mylar colors
  • • Fast turnaround times


We offer a wide range of index material and sizes with lamination in 18 beautiful colors, as well as a variety of tab sizes from 2 to 31 cut.

You can choose from:

  • • Die-cut Only
  • • Mylar Reinforcement
  • • Fully Laminated Sheet
  • • High Speed Copier Printable Mylar 90# index sheets. (Matte or Clear) Uncollated 3rd cut up to an 8th cut sheet.


Review on our Tab Divider Registration Guide below to see what tabbing structure will best suit your clients’ needs.  You can also “Right Click” on the zip file at the bottom of the page and download the chart to your computer.

Index Tab Chart


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