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Rounded Corner Paper

We do Rounded Corners on Your Paper

Sometimes your job needs to have a little extra flair beyond their content and color.  Give them a modern clean look with Rounded Corners.







Grommets and EyeletsGrommets and Eyelets

Our grommet service is ideal for making banners, posters, signs, bags, tags, and so much more.  They are great for projects from sign shops, and manufacturers of bags, accessories, etc.

Our Grommets come in the following Hole sizes:

3/16″ (Automatic)               3/8″ ((Automatic)
5/16″ (Backing Needed)


Double Wing Easel Back


Easel Backs

Standard stock sizes –

4″       6″       8″       10″       12″       16″

Double wing, self sticking, white easels

Thickness – 50 Point

Call for single wing easle,  larger sizes, or black




Slot PunchNecklace Lanyards (ID Badges and Access Cards)

Slot Punching cuts an elliptical hole into the ID badge or access card.

Slot is 1/8″ x 9/16″ (Standard slot size for badge clips and lanyards)